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 Insurer of the Future

VeriPark’s advanced technology stack was built to enable insurance companies, brokers and agents to grow digitally and transform their existing ICT environment by improving efficiency in direct and indirect distribution channels.

 Sale Force Automation

With a Sales Force Automation solution, insurance representatives, agents, advisers and bancassurance partners are going to have the tools to deliver more personalized communication over any device. They will transform themselves in to an effective point of sales where critical operations and processes can be executed fully digitally and device independent while providing enhanced omni-channel experiences both for prospects and customers.

  • Manage multiple products quotations
  • Complete paperless KYC
  • Prospect capture and rule based assignment
  • Opportunity capture and assignment
  • Sales process configurator
  • Tele sales & direct sales
  • Sales performance reporting
  • Product catalogue

 Contact Centre Agent Desktop

The Contact Centre Agent Desktop allows Insurance companies to deliver exceptional customer experience by empowering contact centre agents and supporting their commitment to great service whilst reducing operational costs. Contact centre agents are going to deliver engaging and informed experiences by using a unified view of all communication with the customer. Agents are going to have immediate access to relevant customer and case information which is going to allow them to handle the calls efficiently and effectively. 

  • Unified agent desktop provides one screen for inquires, maintenance and transactions
  • IVR/CTI integration by pop up 360 view of customer
  • Complaints and claims capture
  • Customer interaction capture as a call disposition
  • Enhanced knowledgebase

 Intelligent Customer Interaction

Increasing competition and fleeting customer loyalty require Insurance companies to take a more personalized approach to customer service based on the unique need of an individual. Insurers must deliver intelligent, coordinated campaigns which engage the customer, simplify operations and drive unprecedented returns. VeriPark's software-as-a-service solution, Next Best Action considers all the possible actions during a customer engagement, and recommends the Next Best Action to increase the likelihood of a positive response. Built on secure and reliable Microsoft cloud technology, Next Best Action maximizes cross-sell and upsell opportunities with iterative and interactive forms of dialog that customers experience as natural and relevant.

  • Get next best action to retrieve the next best action to present to the customer
  • Get product propensities to retrieve the product offers with their propensity and benefit metrics
  • Capture response in order to capture customer responses to product offers and actions
  • Improve conversion rates with targeted, event-based offers
  • Next best conversation topics

 Social Engagement

Social media is no longer relegated to a select few in the marketing department. Insurance companies can empower a broader set of employees and connect with customers by using Social Engagement. Social Engagement module of Dynamics 365 puts social media at the fingertips of the sales teams, customer service agents, and everyone across the organization. Service agents can meet customers on the channel of their choice—on social media or through more traditional service channels—to solve problems effectively.

  • Monitors social media to understand what people are saying about insurance trends
  • Recognize relevant complaints and direct them to the right person who can assist to customer
  • Give customers a voice by listening to their demands in the market

 Role Based Tablet Applications

Role based tablet applications enables Insurance companies to maximize their staff's productivity by providing them with remote origination capabilities to close opportunities in the field. New customer can easily be onboarded with full customer information capture and sent to the back office. During a customer visit insurance agents can use role based tablet applications to access all personal and financial information and check the eligibility for a specific product allowing them to instantly perform a sales actions.

  • Cross-sell enablement allows the role based tablet applications to offer multiple products by integration with the built-in offer management system
  • Increased field sales efficiency by allowing to accept applications in the initial visit and no need to go back to the customer to collect the application form
  • Enhanced 360-degree view of the customer
  • Sales agent dashboard, picture taking, competitor dashboard and more

 Omni-Channel Servicing

In the age of the digital consumer, insurance companies have to offer customers, brokers and agents a consistent experience across all channels. While simple in theory, the proliferation of departmental solutions in insurance companies leads to a fragmented infrastructure that creates an obstacle to consistent customer experience. VeriPark's Omni-Channel servicing solution offers a seamless omni-channel experience to customers and intermediaries like brokers and agents, whilst offering a unified transaction front end. The Omni-Channel servicing solution provides a single platform for front office to reduce development and maintenance costs. The solution enables insurance companies to increase efficiency and agility, while enhancing customer experience and productivity.

  • Omni-channel delivery solution on web, mobile, and contact center
  • Cross-sell & up-sell across channels
  • Next Best Action on Inbound Interactions
  • Policy premium calculator & quotation request
  • Prospect & opportunity capture
  • Policy issuance, renewal and payment collection

 Brokerage and Agent Management

Distribution of insurance is handled in a number of ways. The most common is through the use of intermediaries. Intermediaries serve as the critical link between insurance companies seeking to sell insurance policies, and consumers seeking to procure insurance coverage. VeriPark's Brokerage and Agent management solution help Insurance Companies and Brokers to maximize the profitability of each customer by providing tailored offers and personalized services that improve satisfaction and build trust, by enabling a 360-degree view of customer combined with real-time analytics and insurance-focused automation. The solution aims to provide the Intermediary Network with a personal CRM platform that utilize:

  • Know your customer (KYC) process
  • 360 degree customer view
  • Customer segmentation & product based sales actions
  • Lead & sales funnel management
  • Up-sell and cross-sell operations
  • Lead distribution from Insurer to the Intermediary

 Claim Tracking

With VeriPark's Claim Tracking solution, claims administrators or examiners manage all aspects of a claim, from early assessment to investigation to settlement. The solution includes tools to help the Claims representatives do customer verification by providing easy access to customer and policy information, validate claim eligibility and provides the ability to track payment on claims. With the claim tracking solution, insurance companies can transform and optimise their claims management function and deliver a superior, cost-effective and high value, multi-channel customer experience.

  • Reduce claims turn-around times
  • Improve communications between the provider, service partners and policy-holder
  • Track claim history at any point for your customer base
  • Reduce complexities in the process
  • Improve customer satisfaction

 Dynamic Case Management

Dynamic Case Management solution enables insurance companies to automate business processes that are highly variable, unpredictable, loosely structured and subject to change and enable insurance companies to dynamically create and track the workflows needed to address rapidly changing and incident-specific requirements. Dynamic case management also helps empower employees by delivering data in context while orchestrating multiple business applications. With VeriPark's Dynamic Case Management solution, insurance companies can improve the speed and quality of business processes by providing the information needed for enhanced decision-making, exception handling and case resolution.

  • Decrease in turn around time and SLA by offering paperless workflow and pre-populated templates with customer data.
  • Enables presenting customer information in intelligent and structured manner providing an insightful overview of the customer and to assist in having a meaningful conversation with the customer.
  • Enables enforcement of data on case capture based on subject as well as provide checks based on rules defined for data validation.
  • Enables customer retention offers as well as allows the bank to maintain customer interaction alive by monitoring the customer interactions

 Digital Selling & Onboarding

When it comes to offering a more digital and compelling approach for customer who wants to sign up an insurance policy, VeriPark's digital onboarding solution creates remarkable onboarding experience which offers real-time mobile engagement, the flexibility of anytime, anywhere self-service and omni-channel digital interactions. The solution helps insurance companies to transform from physical to digital customer onboarding by capturing relevant documents, automating identity and other verifications, gathering e-signatures, integrating with internal and external systems and delivering omni-channel communication.

  • Digitize inbound or outbound communication and drive efficiency
  • Reduce onboarding latency by seamlessly integration
  • Provide omni-channel onboarding opportunity to your prospects
  • Make things fast, easy simple and smart for your customer

 Broker 365

VeriPark's Agency CRM solution revolutionize the way agency manages customer relationships for optimal success. Cloud based customer relationship management solution help insurance agency by continually meeting their industry needs, increasing productivity, and boosting bottom lines. Solution help agencies to view the customer's information, including contact detail and identifying where a customers stands in the consumer buying cycle. Solution stores customers in an accessible format for more convenient follow up by enabling a 360-degree view of customer combined with real-time analytics and insurance-focused automation. 

  • Know your customer (KYC) process
  • 360 degree customer view
  • Customer Segmentation & Product based sales actions
  • Lead & sales funnel management
  • Up-sell and cross-sell operations

 Marketing Automation

In the field of Customer Relationship Management, Marketing Automation is one of the most powerful solutions for Insurance companies. Marketing Automation solution dramatically improves the conversion of leads by effectively scoring leads automatically, helping insurance companies to perfect their sales messaging and monitoring their performance all in one place. VeriPark's Marketing Automation solution uses the most advanced systems to help generate leads, automate campaigns and to track the marketing operations.

  • Campaign creation, budget tracking and execution
  • Target list preparation by customer segmentation
  • Activity distribution such as calls, e-mails, SMS, etc
  • Scripting support to have personalized dialogs
  • Campaign dashboard to monitor the campaigns real-time

 Loyalty Management

Loyalty Management Solution allows insurance companies to better understand their customers and strengthen the customer relationship. The solution is tailored for insurance companies has got the ability to make insurance programs part of their entire marketing strategy, focus and build relationships with their customer base and provide opportunities and outlets for brand advocacy. The Loyalty Program provides functionality that will help marketers manage data and turn data into useful marketing analytics and create broad programs that will make customers feel more connected, and enthusiastic and dedicated to their products and services.

  • Encourage customers to return by rewarding them for purchases and loyalty,
  • Turn loyal customers into brand advocates
  • Deliver a complete loyalty experience by integrating loyalty programs