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VeriChannel Retail Internet Banking empowers you to attract new customers and enrich their online experience while allowing you a rich set of functionality with its easy and flexible customization ability.

Account Management

  • ​​​​​​​​​​Ability to show detailed customer account information such as Current Account, Saving Account, Investment Account, Loan Accounts etc.
  • Ability to show details of customers’ accounts including status, available balance, blocked amount and other account details.
  • Ability to operate detailed account transaction’s which can be searched by different filtering options.
  • Enriched customer portfolio single screen that shows net worth of a customer by displaying all assets and liabilities.

Cards Management

  • ​​Ability to show list of cards such as credit and debit along with the status of each card.
  • Ability to show the details of the cards including card status, card limit, available balance and other details.
  • Card transactions can be searched by different filtered options.
  • Ability to view transactions that are still at pending status.
  • Ability to make a search on card transactions for a specific period of time and export to a desired format including Excel, CSV, and PDF.

Transfers & Payments

  • ​​​​Ability to make fund transfers between a customer's own accounts in the bank.
  • Ability to make fund transfers funds between different customer's accounts within the bank.
  • Ability to make fund transfers to an  account at another bank in the same or different country.
  • Ability to set up standing order instructions for automatic transfers.
  • Ability to notify customers with SMS and E-mail notifications.

Payment Management

  • ​​Ability to check and validate bills with service providers.
  • Ability to make bill payments for different service providers.
  • Ability to check history of bill payments.
  • Ability to set up automatic bill payments and repeated transactions.
  • Ability make payments to governmental authorities.


  • ​​Ability View details of loan agreements.
  • Ability to apply for new customer loans with simplified application process.
  • Ability to make loan payments with simple payment processes.
  • Ability to offer pre-calculated and approved customer loans.
  • Ability to manage loan payment schedule.​

Personal Financial Management

  • ​Ability to define personnel budget areas and specify thresholds.
  • Ability to categorize payments and transactions while making a transaction.
  • Ability to categorize card spending based on different filters.
  • Ability to display yearly and monthly spending in each budget category in a graphical chart.
  • Ability to define goals for savings purposes and manage the goals.