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VeriChannel omni-channel delivery solution offers a secure, unified platform that empowers organisations to manage seamless, consistent and engaging customer journeys across multiple customer touch points.

VeriChannel Omni - Channel Banking Experience

VeriChannel offers a secure, unified platform that empowers organisations to manage seamless, consistent and engaging customer journeys across multiple customer touch points, including web, mobile, kiosk, and even ATMs. With fully responsive user interfaces customers and colleagues can access the system from devices of varying sizes and resolutions.

Verichannel enables customer needs to be captured, insights to be derived and conversations to be personalized and optimized. Providing customers with access to do what they need anytime, anyplace and on any device is allowing organisations to respond faster to new opportunities increasing sales and improving customer satisfaction all combining to result in reduced costs and higher profitability.

As a reliable and scalable platform for Omni-Channel Banking, VeriChannel sits on top of existing IT systems and enables zero footprint and secure integration to disparate business applications. With ready-to-go solutions and extendable architecture VeriChannel can be re-used across all channels decreases application development and maintenance costs. In addition, with VeriChannel there is no need to re-build legacy applications from scratch; VeriChannel lets you to repurpose them by integrating content, data, and functionality into a new presentation layer, or customer experience.




Mobile Banking BankingVeriPark Mobile Solution allows you to offer an exceptional customer experience no matter whether your client is a corporate or an individual.
Retail Internet Banking Internet BankingVeriChannel Retail Internet Banking empowers you to attract new customers and enrich their online experience while allowing you a rich set of functionality with its easy and flexible customization ability.
Corporate Internet Banking Internet BankingVeriChannel Corporate Internet Banking allow you to serve customers via virtual branch. VeriChannel Corporate Internet Banking provides a highly secure and customizable approval flow with its flexible authorization levels.
Mobile Wallet WalletVeriPark’s Mobile Wallet module is a financial inclusion and digital payment solution to segment of customers with low income.our Mobile Wallet solution allows a bank to offer a Mobile Wallet on various mobile devices in a very short time.
Contact Center Banking Center BankingVeriChannel Contact center Banking Module is designed to provide the best customer experience while providing efficient service and consolidation of information using a rich functionality set
Sms Banking BankingSMS banking solution provides a service which allows clients to access information from their financial institution via their mobile phone’s push and pull text features that enables financial institutions to interact directly with their customers.
ATM & Kiosk Banking & Kiosk BankingThe rich user-friendly interface of the VeriChannel ATM - Kiosk Banking module provides customers with all their Internet Banking functions from the ATM or kiosk. Non-bank customers can also access a range of functionality and at the same time.
Branchless Banking BankingVeriChannel helps you to deliver financial services outside conventional branches. Usage of digital channels to provide and distribute information supported by contact centre agent’s customers can quickly and easily access and manage their accounts.