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 What's New in Microsoft Dynamics 365 - Business Users

New Features of Dynamics 365 for Business Users are Continually Becoming Available!

 New Unified CRM User Interface

​Microsoft has previewed its new Unified user interface that adapts to the device or screen in use to provide a consistent experience across web, Outlook, mobile and tablet. The unified user interface will first be rolled out to the Dynamics 365 Business Edition and new unified CRM user interface will enhance the consistency and accessibility of Dynamics 365. With the same code for both web and mobile, unified user interface customisations need only to be deployed once. New user interface will be deployed for new instances of Dynamics 365 Business Edition as well as mobile and Outlook apps.

 Customer Insights

​Customer Insights is a preview feature which will help teams and individuals better understand and engage with their customers using intelligent analytics. User will be able to use visualisations to illustrate a customer’s engagement and journey in a single dashboard which avoids the need to sort through multiple data sources. 

  • Predictive Match will enhance using contextual information to associate activities or records across channels with known customers.
  • Predictive Scoring will enable users to predict business outcomes, by automatically generating Machine Learning models.
  • Segmentation will help users to identify the right audience based on historical customer data and related entities.

 Organisation Insights

​Organisation Insights which is available on Appstore will help admins and management teams to monitor the usage and performance of their Dynamics 365 cloud instance and drive user adoption. With the Organisation Insights, users will be able to use insights to see: who are the most active users, what business units do they belong to, which entities are most used and by which users, and storage optimisation to visualise how this is being consumed.

 Customer Service Hub

​Interactive Service Hub will be replaced by Customer Service Hub to provide an optimised user experience for service teams to manage cases and knowledge posts. Customer Service Hub is built on the new Unified User Interface and as a result it will be accessible by mobile devices. Its performance promises to be significantly improved compered to Interactive Service Hub. The new solution will enable new interactive dashboards to be created that were a feature of the legacy product while classic style dashboards can also be created.

 Enhanced Mobile Experience

​With the arrival of the Unified User Interface, Microsoft has highlighted a further series of new functions and other improvements for greater mobile app accessibility. In addition to the activity timeline and new docked / floating process flows featured above this will include:

  • Right to left language support on mobile across all clients
  • Pinch and zoom charts in mobile dashboards
  • Enable chart and list views in one screen
  • A raft new chart types to visualise data in a mobile app
  • Navigation between tabbed elements and sections, or get a birds eye view of a form layout to quickly jump a tab / section
  • Interactive dashboards and filters
  • Enhanced custom controls for all form factors
  • Relevance search and advanced filtering on mobile

 New Activity Timeline

​An important component within the phased rollout of the Unified User Interface is a new timeline control that will replace the social pane in the legacy web client. Currently, this control requires users to click between tabs for Activities, Notes and Posts and it lacks a chronological view. Similar to the display previously seen in the Interactive Service Hub, Microsoft is combining these items into a single Activity Timeline that tracks the complete record history. A version of the timeline control can also be applied to a Dynamics 365 dashboard that will replace the legacy activity wall component that won’t be available in the UCI. When placed in a dashboard the timeline control won’t include notes.

 Improved Business Process Flows

​With the New Unified CRM User Interface, the stages in a business process flow can now be displayed in floating, or docked mode. Stages can now be aligned in a vertical layout, instead of horizontal, which makes it easier to see which steps are required to be completed before moving forward.

 Linkedin Updates

​Following Microsoft’s acquisition of LinkedIn, more integration capabilities are being released.

  • A new connector for LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms automatically syncs campaigns and leads with Dynamics 365, with configurable matching rules.
  • To aid social selling, new LinkedIn Sales Navigator embedded widgets for Dynamics 365 include account connections promoting the best contacts to connect with, recommended potential leads, account news, mutual connections to facilitate new introductions and summary detail from LinkedIn.
  • Selectively sync inMail and regular messages to Dynamics as specialised LinkedIn activities.
  • Automatically sync Dynamics 365 account and contacts, as well as Dynamics leads that are synchronised as suggested leads

 Social Engagement

  • ​Conversation view for private messages and Twitter replies
  • Engagement History contains user information
  • New recommendation type in Social Selling Assistant: Get Insights
  • Power BI content pack for Social Engagement
  • Sell more with Social Selling Assistant
  • Share a post to LinkedIn

 CafeX Live Chat Module

CafeX Communications has launched a public preview of Live Assist for Microsoft Dynamics 365, a personalised customer assistance solution for sales and service teams. Live Assist for Dynamics 365 is the result of a joint development between Microsoft and CafeX to bring this technology to Azure, integrate it with Dynamics 365 sales and service apps, and support deployment with Office 365 to support a single sign on.   
This enables sales and service agents to: 

  • Engage in text conversations with website visitors and mobile app users
  • Gain screen visibility, initiate co-browse sessions and share documents
  • Have a unified view of web chat and other interactions in Dynamics 365 and USD
  • Provide customers with immediate and personalized support within a company’s website and mobile apps.

 Offline Mobile Application

​Administrators will be able to select which Dynamics 365 apps are available for which users in offline and online operations.  Offline enabled and online only apps can co-exist and an individual app can be enabled for some users to work offline while other user will only have online permissions. The data available in offline mode can be controlled on per user and per app basis.

 Virtual Entities

​Virtual Entities are similar to our traditional entities.  However, external data is read at run-time and not stored in the Dynamics 365 database.  This is a great new feature for heavy, custom integrations.  As you create an organization-owned entity, check a metadata box to indicate that it is virtual.

 Customer Engagement Portals

​Microsoft has shared its roadmap for the development of its integrated web portals:

  • Tracking all portal interactions in Dynamics Customer Insights for authenticated users
  • Tracking extended to include forum, knowledge base and search click actions
  • Knowledge posts will include notes and attachments, and search will include attachments titles
  • New portal admin wizard to make it easier to add Dynamics 365 content to portals
  • Single sign-on as portal log-in moves to Azure Active Directory
Additionally, Portal source code will be released to enable on premise portal deployment for increased customisation than offered by the SaaS model. Code changes will be self-supported.

 Relationship Insights

​Now available in preview, Relationship Insights for Microsoft Dynamics 365 uses cloud services integration and embedded Microsoft Azure artificial intelligence to analyse an organisation's Dynamics 365 and Exchange data. Using insights from this analysis, Relationship Insights provides notifications that help users manage emails and identify actions. By delivering personalised sales assistance Relationship Insights is designed to increase user productivity. This set of functions continually analyse business data saved in the cloud to Exchange Online and Microsoft Dynamics 365. By evaluating the actions that lead to success, these notifications and alerts point the way to better results.

 The Dynamics 365 App for Outlook

​You can use Dynamics 365 for Sales together with Dynamics 365 App for Outlook, which is now built on the new Unified Interface. With Dynamics 365 App for Outlook, users can tap the power of Dynamics 365 (online) while using Microsoft Outlook—a tool they’re already familiar with. This updated version of the app keeps the same functionality users already know, plus adds some additional capabilities that come with the Unified interface. As a “mobile client,” users can use Dynamics 365 App for Outlook the same way they use the Dynamics 365 (online) mobile app—for editing records, launching the sitemap, or viewing list items.

 Security Enhancements

Dynamics 365 system settings will now include a configurable maximum session length and an option to enable session timeout due to a predefined period of inactivity.

In both instances, a warning prompt can be configured that will alert users enabling them to re-authenticate and make sure their work is saved. When a session expires the screen contents are blanked out.

 Bulk Data Loader for Dynamics 365

​The Data Loader for Dynamics 365 is a new cloud service built by the Dynamics team. The main purpose of this service is to enable bulk import/export of data into Dynamics 365. Use the tool to upload large data files to cloud staging tables where you can perform light data-quality functions, and then push the data into Dynamics 365. This service will also support recurring data import/export. The Data Loader will be accessed from a link in the Admin Center that will redirect users to the Dynamics LCS (Life Cycle Services) website (

 New Coming Features

Cortana Integration: Dynamics 365 will be taking Cortana integration to the next level by embedding sales activities, accounts, and opportunities into Cortana to surface what’s most relevant to salespeople at any time – across both personal and professional sources such as sales digest, account overview, deal overview and meetings preps.

Customer Backup & Restore: As part of Microsoft trusted cloud investments, Dynamics 365 (online) customers will be able to do their own Dynamics 365 backups and restores to meet their business data recovery plans. Customers will be able to back up their Dynamics 365 database to Azure storage using a secure data transfer (not the public Internet).

 New Features of Dynamics 365 for Developers