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VeriTouch - Leading Customer Centric CRM / Marketing & Campaign Management

From prospect management to needs assessment and qualification through to opportunity management, this module provides standardized and configurable sales processes that are specific to each and every product and line of business. Built-in reports and dashboards provide management with pipeline visibility and sales performance measurement and monitoring.


  • Targeted campaigns are designed with personalized offer messages to customers who meet the offer criteria and / or have specific needs.
  • Campaigns are launched through multiple channels to reach customers in different ways including outbound calls, SMS, email, website, Internet Banking and ATM banners.
  • Dynamic, event-based campaigns and retention offers are configured to trigger an offer for a customer based on certain events, requests, or transactions that happen within CRM or on direct channels.
  • Pre-approved offers are launched in CRM, with automatic fulfilment capability from any channel that customer uses to accept the offer.
  • Top X offers that are available and targeted to a specific customer are exposed to direct channels with the ability to capture customer’s response from those channels.


  • ​​Increase offer relevance to customers with personalized and targeted offers.
  • Encourage higher conversion and offer acceptance rate by reaching customers on their channel of preference.
  • Reduce churn rate using dynamic and retention offers to offer the right product at the right time.
  • Reduce turn-around time and increase conversion rate with automatic fulfilment capability.
  • Channel optimization with monitoring and real-time dashboards on campaign execution and channel effectiveness.