SME Banking Discovery Workshop | Valuable insights and best practices lead to SME banking maturity

VeriPark: Your Partner in SME Banking Transformation

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) play a crucial role in the global economy, but 89% of them feel they are underserved by their banks1. In this reality, how do you envision the future state of your SME Banking organization? VeriPark’s SME Banking Maturity Model helps banks understand and align with the needs of this critical customer segment.

What is VeriPark SME Banking Discovery Workshop? This workshop provides a concise overview of your position on the SME Banking Maturity Model and helps evaluate your bank's maturity level against industry standards. VeriPark facilitates strategic advancements, offering insights to refine your internal strategies. This session is designed to initiate discussions on improving your SME banking strategies and offers a preview of our full consulting services.

How we do it:

As part of VeriPark SME Banking Discovery Workshop, engage with our business consultancy experts who will help you identify your current maturity level and discuss potential enhancements to your SME banking strategy.

This 90-minute workshop starts with understanding your bank's current position compared to industry benchmarks, followed by tailored advice that can transform your SME banking approach and operations, ending with clear, actionable insights on how you can reach your business goals.

Workshop Benefits:

  • No Cost: Participate in this valuable session at no financial cost—just invest 90 minutes of your team’s time.
  • Custom Insights: Receive customized insights tailored specifically to your bank’s needs and maturity level.
  • Future Planning: Discuss long-term strategies and explore our phased approach to consulting services for a deeper engagement.

Who Should Attend:

This workshop is ideal for bank executives and decision-makers focused on enhancing their SME banking services and strategies.

All registrants fullfilling the eligibility criteria will be offered a 90 minute SME Banking Discovery Workshop.