Qorus-VeriPark report: The five maturity levels of SME Banking


A Journey from Digital Transformation to Disruption

Unlock the potential of SME banking and transform your institution with our groundbreaking report. Dive into the five levels of maturity, from digital transformation to disruption, and discover how you can revolutionize your approach to the SME segment and multiply your customer base.

In this report, conceived as an actionable roadmap, you’ll find a capability standard to not only help you analyze your current level of SME banking maturity, but to also help you strategically plan for your next leap in progress. We provide you with details of the characteristics and practices you need to track your growth and advance your SME capabilities – and we bring these to life with best-practice examples of how pioneers are achieving success.


To establish the model, a team of experts from VeriPark and Qorus, along with a steering committee comprising SME banking executives from across the globe, came together to study six key dimensions of the SME banking segment and rate them across a scale of five levels of maturity. This report is based on countless hours of discussion and on a global SME Banking survey conducted with Qorus.

The report provides a detailed analysis of each stage, supported by data, infographics, and regional insights. Gain a deep understanding of the current state of the industry and its variations worldwide through extensive surveys. Discover how to unlock new avenues for multiplying acquisitions and take your SME banking strategy to unprecedented heights.

Ozkan Erener CEO VeriPark

In the dynamic world of SME banking, customer expectations are constantly evolving. At VeriPark, we envision a future where banks can proactively anticipate and meet the unique needs of SMEs. By harnessing the power of technology and data-driven insights, we are driving innovation in the industry, enabling banks to deliver tailored solutions, personalized experiences, and foster long-term relationships with their SME clients.

Özkan Erener


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