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Next Best Action (NBA) is focused on using sophisticated rules, analytics and algorithms to better predict customer needs and in turn offer more relevant actions and offers leading to improved wallet share and loyalty. It leverages Azure Machine Learning capabilities to recommend what to do next for a customer in context.

Next Best Action solution provides a REST based API's which exposes the following functionalities for integration of your channels and existing systems:

  • Get Next Best Action in order to retrieve the next best action that will be presented to the customer during a mobile banking login
  • Get Product Propensities in order to retrieve the product offers with their propensity and benefit metrics
  • Capture Response in order to capture responses of the customers to product offers and actions.

Key Features

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    Recommendations are generated on 'what to do next' with the customer in context, based on a pre-defined logic

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    Support for context-based action suggestion such as when an event or a transaction takes place

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    Offers are displayed once complaints and compliance related issues such as missing data alerts are addressed

  • Digital Lending Key Features 2

    Next Best Action is provided as a widget for assisted channels including CRM and Contact Center Agent Desktop

Key Benefits

  • A web service is provided to get the Next Best Offer for a customer on direct channels such as Internet / Mobile Banking, ATM or Kiosk, to increase cross-sell and up-sell rates by offering the right product to the right customer at the right time.
  • Increase sales revenue by real-time, relevant offers to customers across multiple channels, based on events and transactions.
  • Enhance customer satisfaction by enabling more meaningful interactions, taking corrective actions, and making offers that actually meet customer's needs.
  • Engage customers with seamless experiences across channels with personalized actions and offers.
  • Improve marketing efficiency by eliminating unwanted communications and ill-targeted offers.

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