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VeriChannel Contact Center Banking Module is designed to connect with customers, orchestrate engagements and deliver intelligent and personalized experiences. While turning customer data into holistic customer information, the module improves first call resolution and enhances agent performance and efficiency.

Digital channels have become an internal part of banking but contact centers are still a primary point for complex interactions with customers. The human touch that contact centers bring remains important to offer the best customer experience.

VeriChannel Contact Center Module using a rich functionality set and consolidated customer information empowers your agents with the right tools to view and understand customer journeys and actions across digital and assisted channels. It enables your contact center or back office staff to perform transactions on behalf of the customers in the help desk and give assistance. It also helps you to provide more convenience and more immediacy for your customers. 

Whether a request or transaction was begun on a mobile app or in the branch, your customers want a frictionless and connected experiences, without having to start over when they need assistance from a contact center agent. With Contact Center Module, you can create added value for customers requiring more complex or more personalized banking services and deliver connected omni-channel experiences in your contact center. 

With this module, you can easily define authentication and authorization of your staff in the back-office screens. Thanks to its advanced interaction-handling capabilities, you can also route your customers to other agents when needed and provide the best resolution available for each call. 

Key Features

Turn your contact centers from a channel for transactions to a channel for relationship building and position them as experience centers by taking advantage of these features:
  • Digital Lending Key Features 2

    360 Degree View of Customer

  • Account Management icon

    Account & Card Management

  • Promise to Pay and Broken Promise Management icon


  • transfers payments icon

    Fund transfers

  • Financial Calculators icon

    Financial calculators

  • inbound calls icon

    Services & Subscriptions

  • call icon

    IVR / CTI Integration and Live Chat Integration Capability

  • Foreign Exchange icon

    Foreign Exchange

Key Benefits

  • Improve first call resolution and sophisticated service request routing

  • Empower agents with a single, intuitive interface to serve customers more effectively

  • Better understand and resolve customer issues faster

  • Seamlessly transfer service requests to another call center representative or operations expert

  • Provide effective and accurate answers to customer questions

  • Build omni-channel customer journeys and enhance customer experience

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