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​Great customer service is vital for banks but doesn’t happen by chance. A powerful contact center solution at the heart of proactive customer servicing makes all the difference in the financial services world. VeriTouch Contact Center Module, powered by Dynamics 365, provides financial institutions with the powerful tools they need to reduce call handling time, increase first call resolutions and turn their contact center into a profit center. By empowering contact center agents to conveniently connect with customers through several channels, financial institutions can position themselves as a superior provider of customer care.

6 Pillars to Transform Your Contact Center into a Profit Center

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    Contact center agent empowerment with a unified agent desktop

    VeriTouch Contact Center Module provides contact center teams with a unified agent desktop and puts all the tools and information they need right at their fingertips.

    Having a unified agent desktop brings clarity to processes and helps agents to solve complex issues and gain real-time actionable insights. To reduce the average call handling time, contact center agents can handle customer inquiries and perform transactions in one unified screen without switching back and forth between multiple applications. With the ability to search on various subjects, agents can resolve inquiries quickly and increase first call resolution ratios.

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    360 degree view of customer for an end-to-end picture of the customer's journey

    By supporting agents with a 360 degree view of the customer along with transactional and cross-sell capabilities, the solution makes it possible to anticipate customer needs and personalize every interaction. The single view enables agents to see the current issue of the customer, recent interactions, pop-up windows, notifications, and Knowledge Base articles that have been searched or shared. Therefore, it empowers agents to effectively communicate with customers. 

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    Straight-through transactions with guided workflows

    The Contact Center solution allows financial institutions to show their customers it's all about them with standardized processes to serve them, streamlined resolutions to solve their concerns and guided tools to sell relevant offers. Having a secure environment to carry out straight through transactions with guided workflows allows to increase fees and commissions income from the contact center. When a customer calls the bank and shows interest in the product, it becomes very easy to capture the person's financials and route it to the proper queue to follow up. If there is a complaint or service request, agents can simply record it and resolve it on the spot or post it into the back office for further investigation.

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    Guiding customer interactions with scripting capabilities

    Agent scripts in VeriTouch Contact Center provide guidance about what an agent should do when they handle a customer issue and ensure that they share only accurate and relevant information. Agent scripts help to be accurate and effective while also being faster and more efficient in terms of customer handling.

    The contact center agents also use the scripting capabilities of the solution for campaign calls, collection calls, satisfaction surveys, information-gathering calls and event-based selling.

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    Automated inbound & outbound calls and call disposition 

    The proactive Contact Center Solution automates inbound and outbound calls and delivers the right data to the agent connected to the customer. It links directly with the financial institution's CTR application providing a single sign-on, giving the agents access to a wealth of information available from various back end systems.

    At the end of an inbound call, the call disposition application captures all the details of the interaction with the customer and the requests made by the customer. It allows to wrap-up a call with the customer and indicates what kind of services have been provided.

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    Omni-channel customer engagement

    With the omni-channel engagement capability of VeriTouch Contact Center, contact center agents can engage with customers across different channels. Using this functionality, agents can get a holistic view of the customer's data and can see details of the customer's previous interactions on the channel of their choice including portal message, live chat, and SMS text messages. It helps the agents to better understand customer sentiment before serving them and resolve their issues faster and efficiently. 

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    Key Features for the Financial Institutions

    • unified front end for contact center agents with transactional and next best action capabilities
    • Handling inbound calls using 360 degree view of the customer and Knowledge Base while using transactional capability to fulfill customer transactions, complaints, or service requests
    • Outbound calls for marketing offers, satisfaction surveys, collection calls, and call back requests with auto-dial support
    • Remote advisor functionality in a single platform
    • Enforced workflows to optimize task performance 
    • Personalized customer interactions with 360 degree view of the customer
    • Agent scripting platform 
    • Call and speech analytics to get customer insights and measure the quality of the calls 
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    Key Benefits for the Financial Institutions

    • Reducing call handling time with a unified front-end, eliminating the need for multiple applications.
    • Improving identification & verification experience to enhance customer convenience and reduce call time  
    • Increasing first call resolution and agent empowerment with access to consolidated data in one place
    • Increasing product sales and transaction fees with sales and service capabilities
    • Streamlining and optimizing customer-care assets and processes that reduce the cost of care
    • Migrating lower-value customers and transactions to lower-cost channels (IVR, Web, SMS)
    • Reducing overall costs, improving productivity and efficiency

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