The way we work

VeriPark_the way we work

We strongly value our culture and the way we do things at VeriPark. It is our motivation, a daily practice that unites us and the reason why we make a positive impact.  

We believe our diversity, learning environment and well-designed experiences enhance our journey, through which we create, grow and collaborate every day.

The way we work

  • VeriPark remote or hybrid work


    We focus on what really matters – building the digital future of finance.  We don't restrict our search for talent to locations with a nearby physical office. We encourage our employees to use an office if they are near one but, otherwise, they are free to work remotely.

  • VeriPark Academy


    Our learning and development opportunities mean we never stop growing.  We provide ample, structured and thought-through programs that focus on role-based learning journeys and specializations. Our learning management system also facilitates continuous development with leading training platforms.

  • VeriPark multicultural environment


    With a presence in 15 countries and clients across continents, we are adept at working with people of different cultures, ethnicities and backgrounds. We take pride in being a diverse and inclusive team.

  • VeriPark Fun at work


    We value genuine recognitions and meaningful interactions. These include our Happy Hour connects, online and in-person team gatherings, entertaining games and talent shows, as well as prizes and gifts.

  • VeriPark professional growth


    Our succession planning, career-paths, learning programs and mentoring opportunities, focused on behaviors, key roles and leadership, help nurture our in-house talent development.

  • Health and wellbeing at VeriPark


    We support our people mentally and physically, with various wellness and medical insurance programs, to take care of themselves and their loved ones.

This is what our people say about VeriPark

  • OlumideO

    I joined VeriPark because I perceived the company to be strategic and organized in a way that my contribution could be impactful and lead to mutual growth and prosperity.

    Olumide Olowu AYODEJI, Software Engineer .Net - Nigeria

  • Ramakrishnan

    During my career at VeriPark, I have travelled to 11 countries, met clients, and appreciated different cultures. I have had the privilege to understand diversity and learn to see things from a different perspective.

    Ramakrishnan REGUNATHAN, Business Analyst - Canada

  • AnushaR

    I love how everyone at VeriPark works together as one team with great integrity and respect. I also love how this place gives me an amazing opportunity to learn new things.

    Anusha Reddy S, Associate Solutions Consultant - Presales

  • HakanC

    I joined VeriPark in my 3rd year at university and have now been here for more than 8 years. So I can say that starting my internship here was the most important moment in my career. Since starting full-time, I have attended many training sessions, given presentations and improved myself. In addition to my business life, VeriPark has been a part of my life while graduating, going on military service and getting married. Therefore, I owe a lot to VeriPark not only in my business life but also in many events in my social and private life.

    Hakan Cengiz, Sr. Software Developer - Tech Lead - Turkey 

  • OgnyanM

    Before applying to this position, I did quite detailed research about VeriPark using different sources and realized it would be a very good opportunity to expand my knowledge by joining such a tech company. I enjoy my job most when we complete an important task successfully or solve an important problem.

    Ognyan MARINOV, Service Delivery Lead - Bulgaria

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