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    Enabling Businesses to Become Digital Leaders


    Unified Front End

    UFE consolidates the user interface of all banking functionalities into one application. It provides one login and one navigation menu which are intuitive and easy to use for front-end staff. Although users see a unified interface, the UFE simply acts as a thin layer that connects the back-end systems and applications, which all stay the same.

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    Insurer of the Future

    VeriPark digital insurer of the future solutions helps insurers to unlock digital experience for their customers and employees by transforming insurance, through digitization, into customer centric services. Solutions combined with the disruptive new technologies helps insurers to reduce costs, improve the customer experience and enhance agility.

    Omni-Channel Delivery

    VeriPark’s Omni-Channel delivery solutions offer a platform to manage seamless, consistent and engaging customer journeys across all touchpoints and provide the richest channel coverage including Mobile Banking, Internet Banking, Mobile Wallet, Contact Center Banking, ATM & Kiosk Banking.

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      Generali Insurance Omni-channel Delivery&CRM Success Story<img alt="" src="/en/PublishingImages/Pages/Personalized-to-Be-Unique--Unique-to-Be-Successful-/Generalimain.png" style="BORDER:0px solid;" /> Insurance Omni-channel Delivery&CRM Success StoryGenerali, one of the leading insurance companies of the world, has partnered up with VeriPark to start a new era in the insurance industry with their customer centric approach.
      Saudi Investment Bank Drives Into Retail Market with CRM Technology<img alt="" src="/PublishingImages/saibmain.png" style="BORDER:0px solid;" /> Investment Bank Drives Into Retail Market with CRM TechnologyFollowing an appraisal of other CRM systems SAIB charged its IT partner VeriPark with implementing Microsoft Dynamics CRM and VeriTouch, an operational CRM technology designed to dovetail with Dynamics CRM to enhance customer relationship management.

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