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Putting customers at the heart of the insurance business

The new insurance customer looks much like customers in any other competitive, service industry. They are self-directed and prepared to shop around through various channels to get what they want. They're also looking for unique experiences tailored to their needs. 

Such competitive pressure is driving insurers to enhance their customer-centricity. This involves a significant cultural and technological shift from product oriented selling to needs-based tailored offers. That means attracting and retaining customers through highly personalized communications. In this new customer centric world, the ability to truly understand customer needs and preferences is essential to loyalty-building customer engagement. VeriPark can help achieve this.

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VeriTouch Insurance CRM solution

As a vertical solution built on top of Dynamics 365, VeriTouch enables insurance companies to place customer relationship management at the core of their digital transformation journeys. It consolidates data from the organization's back- end systems and digital channels to provide a unified front end with standardized processes. The solution provides acquisition, development, retention and loyalty capabilities in an omni-channel architecture. 

VeriTouch offers many advanced features such as Contact Center Agent Dashboard, Brokerage and Agent Management, Claim Capture & Tracking, Dynamic Case Management and Digital Onboarding to create better engagements with the customers for improved cross-selling and retention.

Ultimately, all of these feed into an insurance company that is best-in-class in terms of sales, marketing and customer experience. 

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Insurance omni-channel servicing

Omni-Channel Servicing

In the age of the digital consumer, insurance companies have to offer customers, brokers and agents a consistent experience across all channels. While simple in theory, the proliferation of departmental solutions in insurance companies leads to a fragmented infrastructure that creates an obstacle to consistent customer experience.

VeriPark's Omni-Channel servicing solution offers a seamless Omni-Channel experience to customers and intermediaries like brokers and agents, whilst offering a unified transaction front end. The solution provides a single platform for front office to reduce development and maintenance costs. The solution enables insurance companies to increase efficiency and agility, while enhancing customer experience and productivity.

  • Omni-Channel delivery solution on web, mobile, and contact centre
  • Cross-sell & up-sell across channels
  • Next Best Action on Inbound Interactions
  • Policy premium calculator & quotation request
  • Prospect & opportunity capture
  • Policy issuance, renewal and payment collection

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