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by putting CRM at the core of your Digital Transformation

As a vertical solution built on top of Dynamics 365, VeriTouch enables insurance companies to place customer relationship management at the core of their digital transformation journeys. It consolidates data from the organization's back- end systems and digital channels to provide a unified front end with standardized processes. The solution provides acquisition, development, retention and loyalty capabilities in an omni-channel architecture. 

VeriTouch offers many advanced features such as Contact Center Agent Dashboard, Brokerage and Agent Management, Claim Capture & Tracking, Dynamic Case Management and Digital Onboarding to create better engagements with the customers for improved cross-selling and retention. These features become integral part of an insurance company’s automated workflows; ensuring they can quickly and easily monitor productivity, turnaround times, process and compliance governance, and service improvements. 

Ultimately, all of these feed into an insurance company that is best-in-class in terms of sales, marketing and customer experience. 

Insurance Single View of Customer screen

Key Features

Single View of the Customer
(Retail & Corporate)

This module brings together all of a customer’s data across every channel and interaction point into one single source of detailed customer insight. The key features include:

  • A consolidated view of all customer policies, offers, opportunities, service requests and payments
  • Handling interactions with a customer easily with a set of visual indicators
  • Displaying an overview of notes and activities associated with the customer in an interaction timeline
  • Capturing new customer interactions and communications
  • Creating alerts for retention and compliance
Insurance - Single View of the Broker - screenshot

Single View of the Broker

This view provides all information about the broker including the broker's segments, employees and all interaction history. Insurance companies use this view to manage brokers’ pipeline, commissions, targets, actuals along with the brokers’ portfolio which includes drill-down charts, performance reports and alert mechanism.

The single view gives an overview of both retail and corporate policies in a single platform. It also allows insurers to get information about claim requests, total claim amounts, service requests and complaints.

service and complaints management

Complaints Management & Service Requests

The best way to improve complaint resolution is to ensure that the customer tells his story only once. This module enables insurers to manage complaints from end to end. It offers operational excellence by providing automated processes for the resolution of complaints and service requests. Once a complaint or a request is captured, it’s automatically routed to relevant back office queues for fulfillment. 

  • Capturing complaints and service requests with structured entry of details
  • SLA’s and escalations on complaints, requests and resolution activities
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Segment, priority and channel driven routing and assignment
  • Configuration driven resolution process stages for any type of complaint or service request
  • Monitoring dashboard and reports
  • Tablet_sales-dashboard

    Direct Sales Agent Tablet Application

    VeriTouch's Direct Sales Agent (DSA) tablet app provides insurance agents with all the tools needed to close deals in the field - without the need to go back to collect documents. The key features include:

    • Application for an insurance product (health, motor, life, travel, home, and other types of insurance products)
    • Needs assessment
    • Selection of the products the customer is interested in
    • Premium calculation
    • Signature 
    • Document collection
    • Submitting the application to CRM. 
  • call center agent icon

    Contact Center Automation

    The Contact Center module automates inbound and outbound call handling, and empowers agents with access to Customer 360° view. The key features of this module include:

    • Unified agent desktop, a single window solution for inquiries and transactions
    • IVR/CTI integration for 360° pop-up
    • Customer search ID&V
    • Capturing product/campaign inquiries and leads and assigning them to agentsCapturing claims, renewals, coverage inquiries and service requests
    • Call wrap-up
    • Remote Advisor
    • Queue based call distribution
    • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Account Management icon

    Sales Management

    The Sales Management module provides standardized and configurable sales processes that are specific to each and every product and line of business. The key features include:

    • Automating the full sales cycle of different products from prospect stage to fulfillment
    • Prospect capturing, assignment and conversion
    • Prospect contact & qualifications SLAs
    • Opportunity capturing, cross-sell & up-sell
    • Opportunity routing, assignment, SLAs
    • Configuration driven sales process steps for products
    • Product catalog configuration
    • Multi-channel sales process
    • Sales pipeline dashboard, performance monitoring and reporting
  • campaigns icon

    Marketing and Campaigns

    This module enables insurance companies to manage the entire marketing campaign lifecycle starting from campaign creation to execution. The key features include:

    • Campaign scheduling
    • Generating target lists based on the customer segmentation
    • Budget allocation and expense capturing
    • Offering launch through digital and assisted channels
    • Providing inbound & outbound support
    • Capturing customer response
    • Monitoring dashboards to see the progress and effectiveness of the campaigns
    • Offer fulfillment
  • Marketing icon

    Next Best Action/Offer

    • Retrieve the next best action to present to the customer
    • Get product propensities to retrieve the product offers with their propensity metrics
    • Capture response in order to capture customer responses to product offers and actions
    • Improve conversion rates with targeted, event-based offers
  • Digital Lending Key Features 2

    Customer Retention and Renewals

    • Retention Processes 
    • Renewal Alerts
    • Call Reports
    • Surveys Design
    • Survey Response Tracking
  • data quality

    Customer Master Data Management

    • Static Info Update 
    • Data Quality APIs
    • Propagation of Changes to Core Systems

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