How we hire

Building a great team begins with a well-designed hiring process. Take this journey with us to become part of a professional team of global scale.


The Candidate Journey

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    Select the country & role

    You are welcome to select the country you reside in and the role for which you would like to apply. As our positions are location based, we onboard our talents within the same country and provide options for remote or hybrid working depending on the role.

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    This is our first opportunity to get to know you, your skills, your experiences and your dreams. Please do update your resume to reflect your professional achievements and highlight your skills. Adding a cover page will also help us understand you and your aspirations better. 

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    Resume screening

    We go through every application carefully and evaluate them all based on the job requirements. We always aim to welcome the most suitable talent for each role.

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    Introduction meeting

    Before moving to the next stage of assessments, our hiring team will contact you to briefly discuss the role, the next steps of the hiring process, your compatibility and our mutual expectations.

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    Depending on the outcome of the introduction meeting, our hiring team will ask you to complete a brief questionnaire to get additional details.

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    We will invite you to undertake role-based assessments to get a better understanding of your skills.

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    1st interview

    If you are successful in the assessment, we will invite you for a first interview to assess your knowledge and skills in detail.

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    2nd interview

    If you successfully complete the first interview, we will invite you for a second interview. This is to go deeper into your knowledge and skills and assess your compatibility with the team, as well as  our culture. This will also give you the opportunity to get a general view of the department, team or project with which you will be working, and its purpose.

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    3rd interview

    For certain roles, we may require a third interview. If this is necessary, our hiring team will get in touch with you to arrange it.

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    If you complete all the interviews successfully, our hiring team will send you our offer letter. Once you accept our offer, we will get ready to onboard you and welcome you to the VeriPark team.

Our Hiring Team

  • Fulya Atılgan VeriPark
    Fulya Atılgan
  • Burcu Ceylan Çetin
  • Namrata Ganmukhi
  • Irmak Gürkan Cengiz
  • Ali Hyder
  • Melisa Mert
  • Sevda Nasiboğlu
    Sevda Nasiboğlu
  • Ragu Natarajan
  • Buse Soylak
  • Gözde Uygur
  • Özge Vural
  • Sıla Yerden
  • Maria Younas
  • Niya Anto

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