Qorus-VeriPark report: Elevating SME banking beyond boundaries

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Empowering SMEs with value-added services and personalization

Join us on a journey to explore the pivotal shift needed in SME banking. Discover why banks must focus on personalized value propositions and solutions that align with evolving business landscapes. 

This comprehensive guide presents invaluable insights, and real-world examples to revolutionize the SME banking experience. We provide you with innovative strategies adopted by pioneering banks, building ecosystems that transcend traditional banking to meet SMEs' diverse and growing needs. 

Learn the art of building effective partnerships, crucial roles in alliances, and crucial success tips to create a thriving ecosystem for SMEs. Gain insights from best practice case studies, showcasing banks that successfully deliver value-added services beyond traditional banking for SMEs. 


Ready to dive even deeper into a comprehensive guide?

The Five Maturity Levels of SME Banking report was published in June 2023 and, since then, both Qorus and VeriPark have noticed much adulation within the banks focused on SMEs. Several banks have used it already to self-assess their current maturity and are now advancing their internal strategies to aim for higher maturity.

Are you ready to do the same? Learn more about how you can revolutionize your approach to the SME segment and multiply your customer base?

Zubair Ahmed Managing Director VeriPark MEA

In my opinion, one of the most challenging dimensions to master is the Value Proposition – as this happens to be the core reason why an SME client approaches the bank to start with, their need for a product or service to further their business. Banks must focus on this dimension and innovate continuously to keep ahead of the competition. The creation and growth of ‘SME product factories’ within banks, is a given.

Zubair Ahmed

Managing Director, Middle East & Africa

Determine your SME banking maturity level today

VeriPark understands that embarking on the path to SME banking maturity can be a daunting proposition. But you don’t have to do it alone.  

By assisting banks in evaluating their existing maturity levels, VeriPark facilitates the advancement of internal strategies, enabling them to aspire to higher levels of maturity. Are you prepared to embark on a similar journey? To begin ascertaining your state of maturity and planning your road ahead, book a complimentary 90-minute SME Banking Assessment Workshop today

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