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VeriPark retention focused digital offboarding

Digital Offboarding Optimized for Retention

New customer acquisition is expensive. When they want to offboard, for any reason, saying goodbye and closing the door should not be the final step in a customer’s journey. At VeriPark, we think that offboarding should mean converting churn alerts into new opportunities. This is a better way to manage the process in the customer’s best interest and also create brand advocates for life.

With our Digital Offboarding module, financial institutions can configure countless offboarding scenarios and retention offers using the power of AI. 

VeriPark digital offboarding scenarios with retention offers

Features & Benefits

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    Key Features

    • Convert ‘churn alerts’ into new opportunities 
    • Ensure outstanding debts are cleared before offboarding
    • Provide data protection clarity and control to customers 
    • Provide a seamless graduation experience

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    Key Benefits

    • Improved retention
    • Retain in the best interest of the client
    • Timely regulatory response
    • Understanding customer life events
    • Creating brand advocates for life

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