VeriParks Lösungen für Firmenkunden- und KMU-Banken

Corporate Banking

Digitalisieren und personalisieren Sie End-to-End-Prozesse über sämtliche Geschäfts- und Firmenkundenprozesse.


When retail banks started their journey towards more customer-centric digital services years ago, corporate banking clients started to expect the same frictionless, personalized experience they currently enjoy with retailers. Many of these business owners are already rapidly digitizing their own operations. As such, they expect their bank to support them in the same dynamic and relevant way.  

SME and Corporate banks are now rethinking their processes from a client perspective, to deliver an outstanding digital experience. This usually starts with streamlining the onboarding process to set the right tone. But, to differentiate in such a competitive market, banks need to go further by digitizing and personalizing their end-to-end processes across the entire corporate client journey. VeriPark's solutions have been designed to help them do just that.


Omni-channel SME & Corporate Banking | VeriChannel

The Digital SME and Corporate Onboarding module orchestrates a seamless and engaging end-to-end onboarding journey. It provides a single platform for banks to onboard SME and corporate customers easily, using secure mobile banking or online banking channels. 

The Corporate Internet Banking solution allows banks to serve their commercial & corporate customers through one portal via a "virtual branch".  It provides a highly secure and customizable approval flow with flexible authorization levels.. This solution allows corporate clients to perform enquires, trade finance, foreign exchange and many other transactions.

The Merchant Portal is a platform specifically designed to serve the needs of micro-segments such as grocery stores, restaurants and other merchants. The mobile-first platform provides SMEs insights and tools to manage their day-to-day bank-related business operations.

VeriChannel modules for SME & Corporate banking

Corporate RM Tablet app

VeriTouch Corporate Banking CRM solution

VeriTouch is a vertical solution built o​n top of Dynamics 365, optimized with industry best practices that enable banks and financial institutions to place customer relationship management at the core of their digital transformation journey.

​VeriTouch consolidates data from the organization's back-end systems and digital channels. It provides a unified front end with standardized processes to serve customers efficiently; streamlined and tailored solutions to solve customer's concerns and address their needs; recommendations and guided selling tools to deliver relevant and differentiated offers to customers. ​​

Corporate Loan Origination dashboard

Corporate Loan Origination & Servicing | VeriLoan

VeriLoan Corporate Loan Origination covers portfolio management, risk assessment, compliance with regulatory norms, and transparent lending process to address the competitive business environment and changing regulatory requirements.

VeriLoan Corporate Servicing allows to monitor all loan covenants and perform payment processing, collections and communications throughout the life of the transaction,

The Digital Lending portal empowers banks to offer various loan products in SME and corporate segments across digital channels. Covering everything from pre-screening, onboarding, underwriting to disbursement, the solution automates the entire digital lending flow from start to finish.

VeriLoan features for Corporate & SME banking

VeriBranch | Branch Automation

With its unified frontend, VeriBranch gives banks all the tools to transform their branches into high-value sales centers. It leverages technology to empower branch staff and deliver unparalleled customer satisfaction.