Digital Branch

Digital Branch

Creating a Future-Proof Branch

VeriPark’s Digital Branch Solution ensures that customer experience is at the heart of branch operations, instead of low-value transactions. The solution enables banks to provide a true omni-channel experience with the right mix between a physical branch and advanced technology. These include self-service kiosks, consolidated user interfaces through unified front-end services, video teller machines and interactive digital walls. By using value-added digital banking technology, banks can create authenticated, frictionless customer journeys and turn traditional branches to technologically fully equipped branches.

Key Features

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    Entirely digital customer experience through self-service and assisted terminals: kiosks, digital touchscreen walls and virtual meet & greeters

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    New physical branch layouts to provide great in-person branch experience

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    Self-service banking zone, assisted-service zone, cash & cheque zone to give customers an enhanced banking experience

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    Consolidated user interface for all banking functionalities, one application through unified front end

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    Where customers can start a transaction by using digital channels and then pick up their request face-to-face in the branch

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    Tellers as sellers, freeing up branch employees to focus on sales and educating customers on innovative self-services

Key Benefits

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    For Banks

    • Transforming the way a bank branch operates, improving branch effectiveness, boosting sales
    • Providing and promoting more sophisticated and convenient self-service channels for day-to-day banking transactions
    • Moving from a transaction-oriented to a customer-oriented bank
    • Using the value of the physical space to engage with customers and build relationships
    • Reducing operational mistakes by implementing the rules behind the screens with the help of a rule engine
    • Increasing employee facing – customer facing onboarding efficiency
    • Cost-savings on signature and transaction verification for authenticated transactions
    • Reducing the cost of transactions by migrating away from tellers to self-service digital channels
    • Reducing the time spent waiting in the lines for service by offering self-service terminal

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    For Customers

    • Optimal digital banking journey within a physical bank branch experience
    • More convenient, personalized and engaging banking experience
    • Unified Omni-Channel experience, being able to move seamlessly from one channel to another throughout a transaction
    • Quick and efficient banking and no need to wait in lines
    • Ability to carry out banking transactions while having a cup of coffee at the branch
    • Interacting with tellers in a friendly environment instead of talking to them behind the glass cabins

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