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Embark on the AI Revolution in Financial Services with VeriPark

Transform your banking operations with the power of AI, ML, and RPA. Unlock the potential to create an intelligent and sustainable banking experience, provide hyper-personalized recommendations, optimize financial decisions, swiftly detect fraud and risks, and seamlessly adapt to regulatory requirements. 

VeriPark’s Copilots tailored for financial services seamlessly integrate artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI & ML) capabilities into our VeriTouch Banking CRM solution, transforming the way employees work. Unleash the full potential of your Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM, enriched with data from any source. 

In collaboration with Microsoft and global banks, VeriPark introduces groundbreaking role-based AI Copilots featuring a spectrum of use cases, spanning both role-based and task-based functionalities.

From streamlining compliance reviews to identifying new sales opportunities and providing unparalleled customer service through heightened productivity and effectiveness, our Copilots harness the power of AI, placing banks at the forefront of the dynamic financial services landscape.

Benefits of AI in Banking

  • Icon reducing costs

    Reducing costs

  • Icon improving risk management

    Improving risk management

  • Icon improving employee productivity

    Improving employee productivity

  • Icon improving customer experience

    Improving customer experience

VeriPark has developed bespoke Role-Based Copilots

customizing the capabilities provided by Microsoft Dynamics 365 Copilot to meet the unique requirements of financial institutions:

  • Mortgage Advisor Copilot

    The Mortgage Copilot helps relationship managers assess the risk of mortgage applications.

  • Branch Manager Copilot

    The Branch Manager Copilot empowers branch managers with swift and informed decision-making capabilities in their daily tasks.

  • Business RM Copilot

    Business RM Copilot helps prioritize critical events for impactful client interactions, enhancing decisions for Business RMs. 

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At VeriPark, we offer AI/ML, robotic process automation (RPA) and Generative & Conversational AI solutions tailored to financial services and banking industries.

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AI Opportunities for Banks and Financial Institutions with VeriPark-Powered Applications

Ebook Intelligent Banking with AI