Customer Enrollment

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Customer Enrollment provides a guided process for onboarding a new customer on assisted channels. It supports processes involved in carrying out background checks on the customer, capturing country-specific KYC information, and ensuring policy compliance. It also includes account origination and straight-through processing of requested services. It helps banks to deliver easy, speedy intuitive onboarding experience.

VeriPark's Customer Enrollment Solution empowers banks to provide a flexible and frictionless enrollment process. Whether customers come to the branch or a direct sales agent visits them at their doorstep, the banks can effectively engage with them starting from data gathering to account opening. By automating the entire customer enrollment process, the solution enables banks to provide seamless omni-channel customer journeys.

Key Features

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    End-to-end customer enrolment process starting from identity & KYC verifications

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    Straight-though, paperless processing

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    Background checks on the customer including Internal Blacklist, Central Bank Rating and AML

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    Compliance approval process for the government regulations

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    Customer data capturing: identification documents, application form, contracts

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    Integration with bank's back-end systems and reporting tools, sharing of customer data across systems

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    Paperless onboarding process with e-signature capability

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    PDF document generation following the customer approval

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    Single and Joint CASA and Fixed Deposit account opening support with request and processing of Debit Card, Cheque Book, Mobile and SMS Banking

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    Multi-product onboarding capability

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    Card readers and biometric capturing devices integration

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    Switch between in-branch and digital onboarding to create omni-channel experiences

Key Benefits

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    For Financial Institutions

    • Increased productivity with one unified onboarding process and a single application to work with
    • Reduced complexity and turn-around times with integration of card reader and biometric capture functionalities
    • Reduced rejections and return rates with upfront background checks and checklists
    • Increased sales with product recommendations tailored to each application's requirements
    • Improved customer engagement and reduced cost-to-serve and the time to onboard new customers
    • Manual labor elimination to increase operational efficiency and responsiveness

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    For Customers

    • Personalized service with the flexibility to switch seamlessly between channels of their choice
    • ID verification with a high level of security and low level of risk
    • Smooth onboarding experience in a matter of minutes
    • Access to more personalized products and services

    Learn more about our Digital Customer Onboarding Solution and find out how banks can provide self-service onboarding experiences for customers using mobile banking or online banking channels. 

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