Business RM Copilot

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Elevate Corporate Relationship Management with Intelligent Insights

Introducing our Business RM Copilot – a powerful AI solution designed to empower Corporate Relationship Managers with intelligent insights for strategic decision-making.

The Business RM Copilot is your ultimate companion for efficient daily operations, providing a comprehensive daily summary and categorizing portfolio events based on urgency and client importance. 

The Business RM Copilot enhances your portfolio management by navigating seamlessly through the customer 360, identifying critical events in real-time, such as an imminent Letter of Credit drawdown.

You can create personalized emails for clients, customizing your communication to be more concise or detailed, and even translating it into another language. 

The Business RM Copilot seamlessly integrates into your workflow, offering a comprehensive suite of tools to enhance Corporate Relationship Management.

Key Benefits

  • Icon informed decision making

    Informed Decision-Making: Gain detailed insights for informed decision-making

  • Icon proactive portfolio management

    Proactive Portfolio Management: Identify and address critical events in real-time.

  • Icon tailored communication

    Tailored Communication: Facilitate targeted and personalized client communication. 

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