On-demand webinar | Build long-lasting relationships with Customer Insights for FSI

Customer Inisghts fro FSI

Recorded on Dec.7, 2020 at Microsoft CI Mondays - duration 00:25'

The financial industry has always been very dependent upon having deep insight into their customers’ needs and requirements. With the ever-increasing competitiveness of this industry, it has become more important than ever. Watch this Microsoft webinar, hosted by VeriPark, to learn how we’ve made the most of Customer Insights in order to help our customers realize new opportunities for themselves.
In this webinar, our experts deep dive into how Customer Insights for FSI can be used to deliver personalized experiences for your customers, giving you a potent competitive advantage. Our experts also demonstrate innovative solutions designed to improve communications and make your customers’ lives simpler:

  • Customer Insights on assisted channels
  • Customer Insights on self-service channels
  • Customer Insights for Marketing campaigns

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