On-demand Webinar: Driving Consistent Omni-Channel Customer Journeys in Banking - with Gartner expert Jason Malo


Recorded on June 23, 2020 - duration 1h50'

Banking customers embrace digital channels at different levels, but they all want consistent, seamless omni-channel banking experiences, whether they are retail, small business or corporate. Yet, they also demand personalization and convenience, and most of all, they want to tell their story only once, regardless of the channels they use.

In this webinar, Jason Malo*, Digital Banking Strategy Executive at Gartner, shares his insights and discuss the prevailing winds that are driving cross-channel customer journeys in banking, including a look into the crystal ball as to the effects of the global pandemic in customer engagement.  

VeriPark presents how their omni-channel delivery solutions enhance customer experience by serving them digitally on all touch-points while improving sales force performance on digital channels to boost cross-sell and up-sell.


*About Jason Malo, Digital Banking Strategy Executive, Gartner

Jason Malo supports banking institutions through changes to their Internet-enabled banking portals (both mobile and online) and digital engagement. He also advises on the best strategic approach to better organize and understand data and how to use modern infrastructure capabilities like cloud services.

Mr. Malo spent 10 years with Bank of America in both technology and business roles leading projects balancing customer experience and security of the online banking platform. He started with BofA as a Developer of online platforms and databases, including data governance and platform transition activities for internal teams in corporate investment and retail banking. Following that, he managed the development, roadmaps, and go-to-market strategies for cloud-based products addressing threats to network infrastructure, personal information and online commerce over a five-year tenure with Verisign.

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