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VeriLoan - Corporate Loan Origination

The corporate loan origination process in many financial institutions is still largely manual.  Tedious review, approval, and documentation processes, using multiple standalone programs, result in errors and long turnaround times.
That's why you need an end-to-end corporate loan origination process on a single platform that supports a fully customized loan origination engine, enabling you to assess your loans against multiple criteria such as age, exposure, pipeline and exceptions. 
VeriLoan is rich in features and functionality to help you provide the speed, simplicity and efficiency your customers and employees expect. 
The experience is built to provide full visibility into the loan process from application over reviews, credit committee approval and document capture to limit implementation. It caters to the most complex corporate loans: from funded & non-funded loans, over trade finance to revolving credit facilities and term loans.
VeriLoan connects to credit bureaus and external systems like Dun & Bradstreet or Moody’s to retrieve company financials, risk rating, financial ratios and even parent or subsidiary companies. Having all this information at the click of a button allows for speedy risk assessments.
Easily configurable and designed to adapt to regulatory changes, VeriLoan helps you manage complex risk calculations, while supporting timely, responsive service to your customers. Leveraging the Microsoft Power Apps technology, VeriLoan fully integrates with the sales processes of not only Dynamics 365 but also other CRM solutions.
It enables different teams -from relationship managers over business line managers to credit analysts & the credit committee- to coordinate easily. That’s how you get an end-to-end solution enhanced by workflow automation, exclusively designed for corporate lending, like VeriLoan. 

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