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VeriTouch - Single Customer View for Banks & Insurers

Banks and insurance companies need a real-time multi-level view of their customers to improve operational efficiency and to deliver better customer experiences by going from a reactive to a proactive approach.

The single customer view, part of VeriTouch, our customer-centric CRM solution for FSI, consolidates your systems into a unified front end. 

The Single View displays the customer’s current product holdings as well as targeted next best actions to cross-sell and upsell. Visual indicators show the client’s status from various aspects, helping employees to get a quick understanding of the customers’ relationship with the financial institution and their profitability. 

Auto-generated alerts provide insight into key areas that need attention and require action. This helps improve the KYC and compliance process and allows the institution to take proactive actions for matters such as missing documents or mandatory information.

The relationship manager can see the customers’ channel usage and help them migrate to self-service channels for certain transactions. A timeline also shows the history of the customer’s interactions through different channels. The system takes all customer data and uses it to create a 720 degree view of the customer and their household or company information. 

Single customer view is not only about seeing data but also acting on them. It enables you to serve, solve, and sell, all in one place. An opportunity can be created with a single click. The customer’s details are automatically set on the opportunity. The agent only needs to add the product details.

Similarly, if the customer has a complaint, the agent can easily capture the complaint with a single click. 
All the customers’ unresolved complaints and service requests are visible to the relationship manager who can drill down and inquire on their status. The relationship manager can see all the offers available to the customer and can inform the customer about them at the same time.

Having such comprehensive information at your fingertips on a highly flexible platform with transaction capabilities enables your bank staff to act as universal bankers and cross-sell or upsell products at the click of a button. This will rapidly increase your return on investment, immediately help improve customer retention, and minimize your risk when lending money.

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