VeriPark strengthens partnership with Microsoft and brings the full power of AI and ML to customers

Customer Experience
VeriPark has been working side-by-side with Microsoft for many years to drive the growth of its FSI-specific digital solutions across the globe. To maximize the strength of this partnership, VeriPark recently enrolled in the Microsoft Business Applications ISV Connect Program which focuses on mutual success for both companies.

Thanks to this program, VeriPark gets the highest level of technical, sales and marketing support when taking Microsoft's offerings to banks and insurance companies. In turn, these companies can get all the benefits and the support they need to serve their customers in a better way while accelerating their digital transformation tremendously.

By collaborating to win with Microsoft, VeriPark can bring the full power of new technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning to the Financial Services Industry in a much easier way. It empowers them to provide premium digital experiences to transform customer journeys that were never imagined before. By offering an AI-powered customer onboarding solution for instance, VeriPark gives financial organizations a perfect chance to impress their customers at first sight, reach a broader set of new customers while increasing revenue and differentiating themselves from the competition.

Why VeriPark values this partnership with Microsoft so much