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Transforming payments at the pump

The way we pay for things is changing – and fast. Do you remember the last time you used cash to make a purchase at a bookstore, a gas station or a coffee shop?

Chances are, it was probably a long time ago. With the rise of the alternative payment options, gone are the days when cash – the so-called king of payments – was the only option. In today's world, payment experience is synonymous with customer experience.

Delivering the best customer experience is the paramount focus for companies across many industries and the oil and gas sector is no exception. Offering several payment methods built with the customer choice in mind – including self-service options – helps companies to enhance the customer experience and solidify their relationships with these consumers to ensure that they return to the same gas station again and again.

Purchasing gas without leaving the car

VeriPark has recently worked with Opet - one of Turkey's largest fuel-oil distribution companies - which has more than 1,300 gas stations and wanted to reshape the way it interacted and transacted with customers by offering them more convenient and appealing ways to pay for their gas purchases.

The goal was simple: to deliver frictionless experiences that meant customers no longer had to wait to make a purchase or leave their car to get fuel. Instead, Opet wanted customers to be able to make their payment without the need for cash or a credit card. To achieve this, the company wanted to implement two new payment options to allow their customers to choose whatever method they feel most comfortable with.

Payment at the pump with a keychain

Working closely with VeriPark, Opet created Otobilim a keychain payment system, which offers its customers the convenience of purchasing gas without ever touching their wallet, taking their credit card out or even stepping out of their car.

Today when a customer enters the Opet gas station with their chip-embedded keychain, all they have to do is open the window and wave the Otobilim in front of a dedicated area on the gas pump. The specially equipped pump scans the keychain with radio-frequency identification technology so the payment can be taken automatically and the whole purchase process is completed within seconds.

Customers instantly receive a SMS message with all the information related to their gas purchase and automatically earn loyalty points that can be used with future purchases. Otobilim provides a highly safe and easy way to make gas purchases, which means it appeals to customers who are always looking for ways to make their transactions faster and more secure.

Bringing mobile payments to gas stations

As many customers' lives are increasingly centred around their smartphones, Opet has also developed a new mobile application by implementing VeriPark's omni-channel delivery solution VeriChannel. Customers can drive to a gas station and make their payments quickly and safely through the mobile app without having to leave their cars, which means they can get back on the road immediately after filling up. In addition, they can use the app to find the nearest gas stations, see current fuel prices, track their previous purchases and view the loyalty points they have earned.

Building loyalty

Drivers are often in a hurry and any gas station that provides a fast, easy and convenient way to purchase gas will be the first place they will go. Thanks to VeriPark's technologies, Opet now has a truly competitive edge in an industry where payment convenience is paramount for customer gratification and loyalty. In addition, VeriPark's technologies have enabled Opet to become more productive, map out the individual customer movements and decrease cycle times.

Together, we have created compelling experiences for drivers during their routine stops at the pump.