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Intelligent Customer Experience Suite

Tailored to the Needs of Financial Institutions

In today's hyper-connected digital world, customer and employee expectations are changing. Now, more than ever, customers need uninterrupted digital services from their bank or insurer, without losing the human touch. Employees need tools to continue to serve, solve and sell, even remotely. 

It is time to become simpler, faster and expand your financial institution's digital channel offerings to offer your customers and employees the personalized experiences they expect. It's time for VeriPark's Intelligent Customer Experience Suite.

Our customers have seen it working:

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Dedicated exclusively to the Financial Services Industry

Find out how VeriPark can make the difference for your financial institution and your customers
  • Retail Banking

    Transform the way your bank engages with customers to unlock more meaningful customer relationships and create new business growth opportunities.

  • Corporate/SME Banking

    Digitalize and personalize end-to-end processes across the entire SME and corporate client journey to deliver an outstanding digital experience.

  • Private Banking/Wealth

    Give your Relationship Managers and advisors the right tools to deliver truly personalized experiences and advisory services to your high-net-worth clients.

  • Insurance

    Put customers at the heart of your insurance business and become best-in-class in terms of sales, marketing and customer experience.

Explore Our Digital Banking & Insurance Solution Suite

  • VeriChannel | Omni-Channel Delivery

    Managing seamless, consistent and engaging customer journeys across multiple touch points.

    VeriChannel offers a secure, unified platform that empowers organizations to provide customers a seamless, integrated and connected experience across all channels, from self-service channels, such as online banking and mobile apps, to assisted channels such as face-to-face meetings and call center assistance.

  • VeriTouch | Customer Engagement (CRM)

    Putting CRM at the core of your digital transformation journey to serve, solve and sell.

    VeriTouch is a Customer Engagement solution built o​n top of Microsoft Dynamics 365, optimized with industry best practices.  It consolidates data from the organization's back-end systems and digital channels to serve customers efficiently, solve their concerns and deliver relevant and differentiated offers to customers. ​​

  • VeriBranch | Branch Automation

    Helping Banks to Transform from Transaction-centric to Customer-centric Organizations.

    VeriBranch provides a unified frontend, that empowers branch staff to transform themselves into universal bankers while supporting customer journeys in both conventional and digital branches.  It gives banks all the tools to transform their branches into high-value sales centers. 

  • VeriLoan | Loan Origination & Servicing

    Automating the entire retail, commercial and corporate loan processes from start to finish.

    VeriLoan empowers financial institutions to make fast, consistent and cost effective loan decisions within predefined risk margins.  it covers everything from pre-screening, onboarding, risk and credit review, underwriting, disbursement to collection

Dean Gagne - Innovation Credit Union

One day, we were in a conversation with Microsoft and we said, if Microsoft had a digital bank we'd buy it. They said, we know a partner, and introduced us to VeriPark. VeriPark was the piece of the puzzle that we were missing.

Dean Gagne

Chief Disruption Officer, Innovation Federal Credit Union, Canada

Helping you become your customers’ primary financial institution (PFI)

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